Missing polynomials

This is a list of groups with no polynomials in a special complex conjugation class.

The red cross means there is no polynomial for any conjugation class of this signature.


Missing groups: 11 Missing polynomials: 50

Missing polynomials of degree 21
G|G|13579111315171921QuotientsProductsWreath product quotientsBlocksProperties
21T6720160-------------not solvable, primitive, simple, irreducible, even
21T8540320------------not solvable, primitive, irreducible
21T9160480-------------not solvable, primitive, irreducible, even
21T103120960------------not solvable, primitive, irreducible
21T15496018048000------(3T1, 7T7)not solvable, irreducible
21T15596018048000--------(3T2, 7T7)not solvable, irreducible, even
21T157192036096000----(3T2, 7T7)not solvable, irreducible
21T158192036096000---------(3T1, 7T7)not solvable, irreducible, even
21T160384072192000-------(3T2, 7T7)not solvable, irreducible
21T161384072192000--------(3T2, 7T7)not solvable, irreducible, even
21T16325545471085854720000---------not solvable, primitive, simple, irreducible, even

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