Missing polynomials

This is a list of groups with no polynomials in a special complex conjugation class.

The red cross means there is no polynomial for any conjugation class of this signature.


Missing groups: 12 Missing polynomials: 26

Missing polynomials of degree 18
G|G|024681012141618QuotientsProductsWreath product quotientsBlocksProperties
18T3772448------------not solvable, primitive, simple, irreducible, even
18T4684896-----------not solvable, primitive, irreducible
18T897508032-------9T27 wr 2T1
9T27 wr 2T1(2T1, 9T27)not solvable, irreducible
18T9371524096---------(2T1, 9T32)not solvable, irreducible
18T9381524096---------(2T1, 9T32)not solvable, irreducible
18T9524572288-------9T32 wr 2T1
9T32 wr 2T1(2T1, 9T32)not solvable, irreducible
18T973559872000--------(3T1, 6T16)not solvable, irreducible, even
18T9751119744000------(3T2, 6T16)not solvable, irreducible
18T97865840947200-----9T33 wr 2T1
9T33 wr 2T1(2T1, 9T33)not solvable, irreducible
18T979131681894400--------(2T1, 9T34)not solvable, irreducible, even
18T980131681894400-------(2T1, 9T34)not solvable, irreducible
18T9823201186852864000---------not solvable, primitive, simple, irreducible, even

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